What are Accelerated Mobile Pages and Why Should You Care?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP pages, if you will) are a Google project intended to speed up the loading time of web pages on mobile devices. Beyond improving SEO (search engine optimization), and beyond being “mobile friendly,” the idea behind AMP is to make sure your site loads super fast on mobile devices.

But if you haven’t done anything specifically to your site in this regards, you probably don’t have this in play yet, and you need to get going on it.

I gathered up some posts and videos to help as a starting point for you to get yourself going and build out the AMP capabilities for your own website.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)?

It’s always good to start off with a business perspective, this one being from Forbes.

Here’s the official stuff.

Great post about AMP from MarketingLand.

This is a great talk about them by MOZ as part of their whiteboard series.

Here’s a getting started with AMP post on Search Engine Land.

This SEO Hacker article is pretty straightforward.

Some AMP Videos

It’s Not SUPER Hard

Getting this in place is important. This article is a good reason WHY to do it. The how isn’t all that hard, either.

Maybe make this a project in the coming weeks?

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