Spending a Bar of Gold, A Million Arab Coders, and More – The Brief for 10.25.17

Here are the notes from the Chris Brogan Media broadcast for 10/25/17. (You can watch this on my Facebook account).

The goal of these posts is that there are trends and ideas here that might impact your business now or soon. Think on the stories here and look for ways to adjust your business accordingly. If ever you’re stuck, get in touch with me and I can help.

This live video was all shot using Ecamm Live (client), the best way to do Facebook Live for Mac.

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Stories Shared

Pretty cool on ya, Tesla. Good job helping out a children’s hospital in Puerto Rico.

Ray Dalio, author of the awesome book Principles(I mean it, get this book) did a cool project where he tested how hard it was to buy things with Bitcoin vs Gold. Which do you think wins?

The world communicates so differently that it’s going to muck with regulations vs progress. Fidelity’s head says that regulations no longer match how we communicate.

Lately, I’ve been pointing out stories that talk about the difference between blockchain and Bitcoin. This is a story around that, based on UBS’s assessment.

It appears that Dubai is the first government to launch a state-run cryptocurrency. I’d reported that this was coming, but didn’t realize it was here so soon.

Speaking of the United Arab Emirates, there’s also a program dedicated to training a million young Arab coders over the coming years.

I’ve been tracking the reasons people should engage more with rural business environments. Here’s one. San Francisco area real estate just sold a house for a million dollars over the asking price.

THIS is interesting. What can you learn about communication and conversational design Capital One shares some really interesting stuff here.

Speaking of bots (and I hate linking to a press release, but whatever – it came up in my research), Marriott has launched a career chatbot for Facebook Messenger. Look who’s innovating more than not lately.

Plant-based news! My beloved Impossible Burger is headed back to school. Well, campuses are getting it in more places. Ditto company cafeterias. Will work for Impossible Burgers.

Anxiety reduction? Get this. Evidently, SCIENCE says this song is engineered to reduce anxiety by 65%. Get this on your playlist.

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