Smart Cities. Companies Using Your Face. A Primer on AI – The Brief for 11.22.17

Here are the notes from the Chris Brogan Media broadcast for 11/22/17. (You can watch this on my Facebook account).

The goal of these posts is that there are trends and ideas here that might impact your business now or soon. Think on the stories here and look for ways to adjust your business accordingly. If ever you’re stuck, get in touch with me and I can help.

This live video was all shot using Ecamm Live (client), the best way to do Facebook Live for Mac.

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Stories Shared

What will it mean to have smart cities? For one, it’s going to require leadership to make it all gel.

But if we’re living in smart cities, we’ll need some futuristic jobs.

Artificial and augmented intelligence will be needed. What’s that about? Here’s a primer for AI.

Oh, and if you’re an Android phone user (like me), Google’s slurping a lot of data that it’s not telling you about.

Not just them, though. Your face data is going to be a thing. A kind of spooky thing in some ways. (I already showed you slaughterbots but it’s worth a reprise.)

Let’s have some good news. WeWork is sponsoring a female only club as a way to promote women in business.

Now for some immediately practical future news. Here’s how to build a chatbot to use it for growing your list.

And here’s the basic elements of developing your own visual brand. Really cool tool here.

In plant-based news, more reports of the meat industry up in arms over plant versions of meat.

But don’t forget. Industries tend to want to protect their domains and YOUR health and safety aren’t anyone’s concern.

Lastly, and apropos of nothing else, a really cool cosplay because that’s a thing I like to share.

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