zombiesHere are the notes from the Chris Brogan Media broadcast for 09/25/17. (You can watch this on my Facebook account).

This live video was all shot using Ecamm Live (client), the best way to do Facebook Live for Mac.

Please note that all links may be affiliate links. If someone is a client, I’ll call that out specifically.

Stories Shared

So, Bodega took a hit for appropriating a culture. Here’s what white people can learn from it.

The future belongs to LASER BEAMS. And sharks.

I don’t like to get political, but I like how this played out.

What can you and I learn from an intelligence officer?

Android only, folks. But if you’re freaked out by ATM skimmer devices, this is a tool.

Speaking of mobile apps, it turns out maybe that’s trickier than you want.

Treat depression with what? Sleep deprivation. I didn’t see that coming.

I like finding weird books for you to read. Here’s one.

Let’s go window shopping together, shall we?

Wes Anderson has a new movie!

Finally, if you ever wanted to see a Scottish zombie musical comedy, your wait is up.

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